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for String Orchestra
A three movement work that fuses American vernacular styles with virtuoso string playing. Movements can be performed separately. Premiered by the Houston Chamber Symphony in 2006, Michael Lowe, conductor.

Duration: 13′   Parts Rental $300.   Score for Sale $25.
 I. Mam-blu (Mambo meets the Blues)
(recording not available)
II. Poly-rock (Polyphonic counterpoint meets Rock)
(recording not available)
III. Blue-bop (Bluegrass meets Bebop)

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An energetic, brassy and lyrical overture-like work that evokes repetitive mechanical sounds and the singing lines that emerge out of them. Develops a simple motive through canon, repetition, counterpoint and lyricism. Commissioned and premiered by the San Antonio Symphony, San Antonio, TX in 2009, James Judd, conducting. In memory of my father Robert Syler (1933-2007) – a lover of cars, driving and all things mechanical.

Duration: 8′    Parts Rental $300.   Score for Sale $30.
(Due to the American Federation of Musicians, the recording of GEARBOX is not available.)
“His orchestral work entitled ‘Gearbox’ is a brilliant showpiece that surges with energy from beginning to end. Throughout the piece, his gift of lyricism within a dramatic framework is apparent to all who listen.” 
~ Craig Doolin, San Antonio Symphony Program Notes
“The world premiere of ‘Gearbox’ for orchestra was a pleasant surprise … Syler’s composition thrilled the audience with a brassy ride in a well-tuned machine.”
~ David Hendricks, San Antonio Express News

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