for Spatialized Flexible Instrumentation


Composed for the inaugural concert of the University of Texas at San Antonio New Music Ensemble, this 1 page score is a hybrid of graphic, aleatoric, and minimalist notational techniques. Intended to be conductor-less and performed spatially, it is celebratory music that sounds like multiple fanfares happening simultaneously from different locations. Can be performed by any combination of treble and bass clef instruments and different types of bells. All players read from the 1 page score. Grade 5.


Duration: 4′ Score/Parts $25.00

(recording not available)

3X3 Fanfares score & parts

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for Nine Winds and Jazz Drummer


Commissioned by a consortium of 20 colleges, this is high energy music that exists between notation and improvisation, tonality and atonality, jazz and classical. Based on the expression “to talk a blue streak” as in a continuous stream of words. This one movement work builds to a 12-tone fugue and a break down of communication. Features optional electronic trumpet and trombone by using a trumpet and trombone silent mute plugged into two guitar amps. Requires a high energy bebop-style jazz drummer. Instrumentation is Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, ASax, Tpt, Hrn, Tbn, Tba, Drums. Grade 5-6.


Duration 7′ Parts for Sale $125. Score for Sale $25.

Watch & Listen at: https://youtu.be/RjuUJimZsDY

A Blue Streak score & parts

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A Blue Streak extra score

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Commissioned and premiered by the Resounding Winds Saxophone Quartet. The first movement presents a fugue at the second, the second movement an adagio chorale that moves in and out-of-time, and the third movement is a passacaglia with 10 variations that culminates in a tutti finale. Completed in 1995.


Duration: 20′ Parts on Rental $300. Score for Sale $25.
(recording not available)

Saxophone Quartet No. 1 score & parts

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Saxophone Quartet No. 1 extra score

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for Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax
Scintilla is the Latin word for spark. I interpreted a spark as metallic, electric, and twitchy. After the opening spark-like sound, short motives and gestures mutate and dance to become new motives and gestures as the music gains speed and intensity to the end. Commissioned by the faculty woodwind trios at Texas A&M University-Commerce, West Texas A&M University, and the Trio Frontera from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The music was completed in February 2018 and premiered at the 2018 North American Saxophone Alliance Conference and the World Saxophone Congress in Zagreb, Croatia by the Texas A&M University-Commerce woodwind trio.
Duration 5′  Score & Parts for Sale $50. Extra Score for Sale $10.
Watch & Listen at: https://youtu.be/F-xkKn9-HeQ

Scintilla score & parts

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Scintilla extra score

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Commissioned by the American Composers Forum and the Artaria String Quartet, St. Paul, Minnesota. Three movement based in lyricism, color and rhythmic energy. The first movement is a modified sonata form, the second a harmonically colored adagio, and the finale is a driving fusion of bebop and bluegrass fiddle styles. Also available for string orchestra. Completed in 2003.


Duration: 15′ Score & Parts for Sale $100. Extra Score 20.

I. Andante Cantabile
Listen at: https://soundcloud.com/james-syler/string-quartet-no-1-i-movement
II. Adagio
Listen at: https://soundcloud.com/james-syler/string-quartet-no-1-ii-movement
III. Blue-bop

(Quartet recording not available)

String orchestra version: https://soundcloud.com/james-syler/american-dances-iii-blubop

String Quartet No. 1 score & parts

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String Quartet No. 1 extra score

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