In light of what we’ve all been through with COVID, I felt a desire to write something this summer for grade 3/4 band that would be playable by most and with a celebratory nature. This grand Scottish hymn tune came to mind. If you’re interested in being in the consortium for Fantasia on Brother James’ Air please contact me. As a consortium member your name and school will appear in the score, receive PDF score & parts by Sep. 1, and be one of the exclusive premiere performances. 


I’ve been hard at work on it. The tune has proven to be ripe for variations and transformation. It’s in 4 sections starting with the original tune presented in a 3/4 chorale by the woodwinds and followed by brass. Then as a march in 4/4 harmonized with polychords. The third section is a waltz version of the tune and the conclusion, considering it’s a Scottish tune, is a rousing 6/8 treatment in the style of a Scottish Pipe & Drum band complete with authentic drum patterns. What a sound!

$495 buy-in fee, Grade 3/4, 5 minutes.