Three premieres in one weekend is a luxury. SYMPHONY NO. 2 was performed at the recent North, Southern, and Southwestern CBDNA conferences. Many thanks to these conductors and their ensembles.

Southern CBDNA – Florida Atlantic University, Kyle Prescott
Southwestern CBDNA – Stephen F. Austin State University, David Campo
North CBDNA – University of Connecticut, Vu Nguyen


The foundation of this music is an ascending three-note motive of C-Ab-B. This motive is the basis for the primary 12-tone theme heard at the beginning.

Movement I. is a modified sonata form with a mood of foreboding. It may feel nervous, alarming, comical at times, and militaristic.

Movement II. is an ABA form built on an excerpt of the original theme from movement I. The zenith of the movement is a quiet chorale. This movement may feel like it is traveling and looking back with nostalgia.

Movement III. is a passacaglia and eight variations followed by a double fugue featuring two subjects heard simultaneously. The themes of the previous two movements reappear as the music develops into a dissonant texture that transitions to the opening bass ostinato. As the brass build tension, the music pushes towards its inevitable new tonic of G major.