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Ave verum Corpus

(Recording not available at this time)

A traditional warm setting for SATB a cappella of the traditional Latin text.

Duration: 2'  $1.25


Dear Sarah 

(Live performance by the Norman North High School Chorus, Norman, OK. Tony Gonzalez, conductor)

A dramatic SATB and piano setting of a Civil War letter written by Major Sullivan Ballou to his wife. Ballou was a young lawyer from Rhode Island who died just one week after writing this letter during the first battle of Bull Run. The music is warm, poignant and alternates between the writer's voice and the reader's voice through interweaving male and female voices. Completed in 1998 and commissioned by Canto Spiritus Chorus, San Antonio Choral Society and Palm Beach Atlantic College.

Duration: 9'

Published by Santa Barbara Music (Hear and see the music at

Click here to view the text Dear Sarah PDF 


"Great emotion runs deep in this fabulous piece."

~ Santa Barbara Music Publications


"In the twenty-one years I have been conducting, I don't know that I've ever seen my choir become so attached to a piece as immediately as they did to 'Dear Sarah'. It was one of the most musically and artistically rewarding new pieces that I've had the pleasure to work on."  ~ Sharon Paul, Choral Conductor, University of Oregon


University of South Florida Chamber Singers, Dr. James Bass, conductor.



Hope Has Come For Us Tonight

(Recording not available at this time)

A Christmas carol for SATB and guitar (or piano) based on a text by the composer. Completed in 2006. 

Duration: 3'  $1.25



In Flanders Fields 

A SATB a cappella setting of the famous World War I poem by John McCrae. Lyricism and gentle dissonance paints these poignant words. Completed in 2010.

Duration: 3'30"

Published by Colla Voce Music (Hear and see the music at




Old Bells

(Recording not available at this time)

A SATB a cappella setting of an original text by the composer. Completed in 2005 and commissioned by  San Antonio Choral Society, Gary Mabry, conductor.

Duration: 4'  $1.50



O Magnum Mysterium

A dramatic setting of the traditional Latin text for SATB, organ, oboe, 4 percussion. It attempts to transcend time and space by juxtaposing the birth and death of Christ within a one movement form. Latin and English text. Completed in 1995 and commissioned by Vicki Burrichter, conductor.

Duration: 13'  $1.90



Psalm 61

A warm and rich setting for SATB and piano. Completed in 1996. English text.

Duration: 5'  $1.40



Psalm 121

A warm and rich setting for SATB a cappella. Completed in 2002. English text. Commissioned by San Antonio Choral Society, Gary

Mabry, conductor.

Duration: 3'  $1.30



The Road Not Taken

(Recording not available at this time)

A SATB and cello setting of the famous Robert Frost poem. Completed in 1993.

Duration: 5'  $1.50



Tantum ergo

(Recording not available at this time)

For SATB a cappella based on the traditional Latin text. Completed in 1997.

Duration: 4'  $1.30


The Temptation of Saint Anthony for Chorus and Wind Ensemble  NEW!

Anthony of Egypt (251-356) was a 3rd century hermit, saint, and father of monasticism in the early church. His life and account of being tempted and tormented in the Egyptian desert were popularized through the first hand account of Athanasius (296-373) in his book The Life of Antony. Anthony’s dramatic and supernatural reports of temptation and torment have been a source of inspiration for visual artists and writers from the 10th century to the present. The six musical sections of this work are titled by phrases I found memorable from my reading of The Life of Antony (trans. Robert Gregg, Athanasius, Paulist Press, 1980). By avoiding a direct depiction of his experiences, I’ve approached the Temptation of St. Anthony as an analogy for the process of temptation - approach, doubt, temptation, torment, relief, and joy. The music is filled with drama, sensuality, horror, and strangely enough, joy.

Duration: 20'    Parts Rental $400.   Score for Sale $40

“The vocabulary ranges from thorny tone clusters to soaring vocal lines to beautiful traditional harmonies. The effect of the combined choral and instrumental forces is sonically powerful and intensely emotional.” 

~ John Silantien, Director of Choral Studies, The University of Texas at San Antonio


Ubi caritas

A simple lyrical setting of the traditional Latin text for SATB a cappella.

Duration: 2'  $1.25